Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Liebster awards

I got nominated for The Liebster Award by the kind Aesaza at  aesaza! I don't know much about blogging because it's been only two (almost three) weeks that I started this blog.  This is really exciting, again thank you dear aesaza :)

Let's get started :

So The Liebster Award is a nomination from one new blogger to another. It’s to help people find new blogs to follow!

1. Link & Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you
3. Tag 11 other bloggers who have 300 or less followers
4. Ask the 11 bloggers you nominated 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

So here are the questions I was asked, and the answers I now give :

1.What’s your favorite book universe?
I won't lie, I'm not only new to the blogging world, I'm also new to the reading world ! I'm mean I've read like what, 25 books ? There are still so many books I would like to read, like The Harry Potter series , The Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hunger Games ( because I loved the movies ! ). But to answer to the question, I would say that my favorite book universe of the moment is "The Cahill Witch Chronicles" trilogy by Jessica Spotswood, it is actually the best book I've read this year.

2.What’s the longest you can go without reading?
Well it depends. When I'm on holidays I read everyday, and the longest I can go without reading is two days or less. And when I go to school, well I don't really find the time to read much, in fact sometimes I'm only able to read on weekends, so I would say five days or something like that.

3.If you could rewrite a book, which book would you rewrite and why?
Good question ! Well there are some books that I wanted to end differently but honestly, I don't think that I would like to change anything from all the books that I've read, the good and bad ones included ! So to answer the question, if I could rewrite a book, I simply wouldn't do it.

4.If you could create the perfect book character, what key characteristics would you give them and why?
I would make my perfect book character like me ! Ahah, just joking. Well I don't know really, I guess just that I would make my character a strong independent person, because let's be honest no one ikes whiny main characters, at least I don't.

5.Are you a closet book junkie or do you spread the love around?
A closet book junkie ! There is just no explanation to it.

6.Imagine going on an around the world trip for a year and you’re only allowed to bring and read one book. What book would you bring?
Tough one ! It's not like I've read a lot of books but I really can't choose !

7. What’s the book that will never get beaten off your number one favorites slot?
Definetely "Le Grand Meaulnes" by Alain Fournier ! I mean seriously it's the book that made a reader in the fisrt place. The story is just sooo beautiful, and the ending made me cry so hard. I had that book in my head for weeks, the story is just perfect and I think that no other book can ever beat it. For me it's the definition of a perfect book.

8.What is your thought process when deciding what book to pick up?
I judge a book by it's cover ! If the cover is beautiful, then I read the summary to see what it is about and then I decide wether I'll pick it up or not.

9.When did your book “obsession” start?
It was actually only last year, when my french teacher asked us to read " Le Grand Meaulnes", and as I listed it in my answer at the seventh question, it was "Le Grand Meaulnes that made a reader, it made me want to read more.

10.Do you prefer paperbacks or hardcovers, and why?
Well I guess I like them both. Why ? Well because hardcovers are more durable and paperbacks are lighter to hold.

11.If you could choose one supernatural ability to have, which would you choose and why?
I would really love to have the ability " instant teleportation" to anywhere at my will.  I mean come on, wouldn't it be awesome ? To go anywhere you want whenever you want ? I would choose myself a place where no one could bother me and read as much as I would want to.

My eleven questions to the people who I’m tagging  :

1. What is your favorite book series of all time ?
2. Your favorite book couple ?
3. What was the first book you read ?
4. Who is your favorie character of all time ?
5. What is your favorite book genre ?
6. Do you like reading books before watching the movie adaptation, or watch the movie and then read the books ?
7. Who is your favorite author ?
8. Your favorite book quote ?
9. Three books that made you cry ?
10. Do you prefer e-books or "physical books" ?
11. Best book vilain ever ?

The 11 people I'm nominating :

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                                         "Don't feel obligated on doing this, it's 100% optional"


  1. Aww thanks for the nomination! <3

  2. Congrats!
    Instant teleportation would save a ton of time on traveling wouldn't it?

  3. Congrats and happy future reading! You have a ton of catching up to do :P

    1. Thanks :) Yes I do, and the thing is that I'm a slow reader, so it's going to take a little time aha ^^

  4. I did the challenge! Thanks for nominating me! :)