Sunday, July 10, 2016

Review of Night Draws In by C.H. Alexander

Title : Night Draws In

Author : C.H. Alexander

Series : Unknown

Genre : YA-Fantasy-Mystery-Thriller

Publication date : August 1st, 2016

Rating : 1 / 5 :  ⭐ : "Awful"

Note : I received an ebook from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb ( goodreads ) :

Dark things. Things that should only live in fantasy. The Nain Rouge was recently sighted in Detroit and a Loupe Garou is rumored to hunt the woods near Mackinaw. A suicide cluster haunts Washtenaw County.
Angela is a changeling, fostered by the Fae and recently returned from the Twilight Realm. Raised to fight dragons and still healing from the passage to the human world, she struggles to catch up to the life she never lived.
Lydia is underestimated by many because of her deformity. Determined and intelligent, her innate skepticism cannot prevent her hobby of stage magic evolving into something more real.
Bailey is a transgender teen impatient to transition, doing his best to keep a low profile until he can. He is haunted by dreams and premonitions of a menacing evil.

They are drawn together by the collective realization that the apparent suicide of a classmate has a far more paranormal origin than simply being part of a cluster.
Hunted by supernatural predators that want to end them before they reach their heroic potential, these teenagers will have to travel to Fairy and back if they want to survive long enough to save the world.

Skeptical mage, queer seer, and brain injured warrior. They'll save us. 

Review :

I'm going to be a litlle hurtful in my honest review.

Reading this book was like watching one of those cheap movies on TV.
I had no clue what this book was about and even now, that I finished it, I still don't have an idea what this book was about. So, I wondered, did I miss something ? Or, was the book that bad. Well, unfortunately turns out that the book was indeed that bad!

The plot : 
What was the plot ? I, seriously, have no idea, and no, it's not a joke!

The writing :
A lot of useless descriptions about how the characters are dressed, what they're eating...I feel like they were just put there, for decoration, with no reason. And reading something useless and completely uninteresting is freaking boring !

The emotion :
THERE ARE NO FREAKING EMOTIONS. Nothing ! I just didn't give a damn about the characters.

The characters :
Oh this is the best part! The characters are childish and shallow, which can be understandable for the protagonists considering their age, but it felt like even the adults sounded like teens:

 " The Man's eyebrows went up. "You called them." He rubbed his chin with one hand " I suppose it could be worse...they look like extras from Dances with Wolves, but that's not too bad. I hate to say it, but I had them looking like god damned Tonto for weeks. You never realize how much shit is in your subconscious untill something like this happens." "

That's a grandfather speaking ! Seriously, he sounds like a teenage boy and not an adult for God's sake! Let me also tell you that there is no character development. And the villains, well, there are no villains I think. Oh, sorry, there are children with black eyes that are supposed to be what ? Scary ? I sure saw them as ridiculous and not scary.

The story : 
Okay, this was supposed to be a fantasy book, with fae, magic and all that stuff. IT'S NOT FREAKING TRUE !! Where is magic ? The silly tricks Barnum was doing ? That was magic ? Bailey is supposed to be a seer, well let me tell you that the only thing he predicts throughout the whole book, is : 

" " Chaos eats at the edges." His voice had a hollow echo. "The world is getting darker." "

Oh wow, a hell of a prediction ! 
There was also a lot of mystery in this book, which, usually is a good thing, but the thing here is : there was way too much mystery. A lot of questions, and no answers, no explanations. The characters are like linked together with dreams, they are in the same dreams and they are sort of conscious or whatever. And well, you don't know why ! Why are they connected with dreams together ? Well, let me tell you that you won't find out.
The ending, oh my, it felt more like the end of a chapter and not the end of a book that has a sequel ! I think that the author mixed fantasy, mystery and...thriller ? Anyways, it didn't work out ! 

This was a 200 pages of NOTHING ! 
RIP time I spent reading this.

So, obviously, I won't be reading the sequel and I sure as hell don't recommend it !


  1. Oh no! This is definitely a book I am going to be keeping well away from. It seems like a plot was practically non-existent in this novel, let alone in any way good. And then even the writing style wasn't great. Such a shame about this >.>

    1. Yes, I don't think anyone would like a story without a plot !

  2. Hahaha omg I actually found your review really entertaining and so hilarious!! The blurb does sound very appealing, it's such a shame the book turned out to be like this!

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. I know right? The blurb was what made me read it !
      And thank you, glad you liked it :))

  3. Oh no! I saw this one and contemplated it but thank goodness I didn't! Sorry it was so awful for you.

    Hope you are in the middle of something wonderful now!

    Di @Book Reviews by Di

    1. Yes this book was absolutely awful !
      Well I just started Falling Kingdoms and I don't know what to think about it yet :)

  4. Yikes! This doesn't sound good at all. I've never heard of this book and honestly I'm very glad for that because it is not worth the time, clearly! Hopefully your next read is better. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Yes, it's definitely not worth the time !
      I'm reading something much better now ^^

  5. Definitely sounds like this was a stinker. Sorry it was so awful, I hope your next read is a better one for you.

    1. It was ! Yep, I'm reading something much better !

  6. Hmm, the book cover itself is a turn-off for me. Definitely not worth it, so I don't think I'll be getting near this one any time soon!
    Erika @ Books and Stars

    1. I know right ? Even the cover is not pretty ! Yeah it was a waste of time.

  7. Aww, sad that this wasn't for you!! The blurb does sound interesting, but I don't think I'll be adding it to my shelf :/
    Wonderful review!:)

    1. It does doesn't it ? That's the reason why I actually read it.
      This was definitely not my cup of tea !
      And thank you ^^

  8. Honestly, that book cover wasn't even good so if I come across this book I wouldn't even bother checking it out. Lol! Sorry that you felt that this book was a waste of time. I totally get your review! You justified it well in your review. Kudos! :)

    Fiona | A Girl Between the Pages

    1. The blurb does sound interesting and I didn't want to judge a book by its cover haha ^^

  9. Ah, it sucks that you didn't enjoy this one. The Goodreads summary does seem a little confusing - kind of all over the place, and not as intriguing as I hoped. Thanks for the warning! :)

    Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues

    1. Well the summary was what made me read it, I wasn't expecting something epic but this was just not good, like at all !
      You're welcome ^^

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  11. When I read the description of this book on NetGalley, I really really wanted to like it...unfortunately, I could not agree with your review more! Part of me wants to read the sequel to see if it redeems itself, but the rest of me wants to run in the opposite direction!